Solitude is Power


I hadn't thought about that in a long, long time, but this phrase is probably the most solid piece of advice Ι've ever been given; {but that's another story for another time...}

I have been quite enjoying Tame Impala these past few days, and this song's reminded me of said piece of advice...

The thing is, I have been feeling quite uninspired lately, hence my obsessive digging through my music collection, other people's blogs, Spotify and YouTube (still not sure about the Apple Music subscription though) for interesting new tunes to help set the tone.

If my state of mind after finishing my work every day were to be compared to eating a certain type of food, it'd be the equivalent of chewing on plain lettuce for what feels like weeks. So, I really need those sound waves to come and hit me hard, reactivate those brain cells, get my fingers to clickety-click on something other than repetitive, truncated software strings that no one will actually pay attention to anyway.

On a completely different note, there are several well-being and lifestyle blogs I particularly enjoy, most of which involve bloggers who are at it in a non professional capacity, in the strict sense of the word; people who already have a day job or juggle the responsibilities of leading a normal life doing something a bit more substantial than spending their days exclusively consuming and pushing products our way.
I do indulge in trashy internet from time to time as much as the next person, but the content creators on these blogs/YT channels are not necessarily people I would feel inclined to have a cup of coffee with.

So, I decided to connect with a blogger from the other side of the pond the other day. She's also taking a break at the moment, so I just wanted to make my appreciation for her positive and unpretentious writing heard, known. Her reaction was precious.
Talking about our own hopes and pursuits is good, but getting out of our collective, protective shell to let another human-being know we are listening to what they're saying, is way better...



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