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From Simple Pleasures

~ I was at my parents’ the other day to clean the place and pay the bills, I’m not quite ready to go through the family photos just yet, but this one accidentally fell from a book and almost had me rolling with tears of laughter, 'cause I realized that a) it was taken some 30 years ago and b) I somehow look peeved in most of my childhood photos (I’m the one on the right btw., the hot blonde on the left is my half-German cousin).
~ I’m turning 33 today, which is a big number or a small one depending on which way one counts…
~ I am currently obsessed with TREME, the American drama series (watching Season 2 at the moment with no subs on, I'm not cheating!), recommended to me by my subtitler friend. Despite any anachronisms, cliches and oversimplifications about what happened in New Orleans in 2005, I’m loving the characters - Creighton Bernette and Jacques in particular - and the music, oh the music, cheers me up every time, even on the funeral scenes (that’s just wrong, I know!)
~ The new album by the Black Keys is out and it's just beautiful - hence three of their new songs on my playlist.
~ Happy Australia Day!!


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