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From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

I woke up late today.
It’s raining, but I feel like going for a brisk walk in the park
to practise mindfulness.
I’m not particularly cold, I’m not particularly hungry
and I don’t feel restless or anxious this morning
my head’s empty of negative thoughts
for the first time in a while
The time I spent this past week
going places with my old flat mate,
browsing books in Foyles,
and drinking fine Belgian beer at an English pub
with my Basque friend, my boyfriend and my brother, whom I hadn’t seen in months,
helped me clarify what my belated,
twofold resolution for the new year is.
Acknowledging all the things I’m grateful for,
I think I’ll put up a harder fight for my happiness this year.
(We’ll see how that unfolds…)


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