My South American w@nderlust key-word diary


From 3_EcoTrulyPark_Lima
Madrid, Lima, Miraflores, taxi, desert road, Chacra y Mar beach, Eco Truly Park, ashram, unique architecture, Dejan, Huaral, ayahuasca, Fles, Luz-Marina, ice cold showers, vegan food, Damodhabar, Lisa the dog, devotees, workers, volunteers, ankle bracelets, St Christobal, art school, book exhibition, bead shop, the Pacific, say hello to the ocean, permaculture, courgettes, carrots, soy burgers, maracuya juice, spoon revolution festival, Dave whose name was not really Dave, sleeping bag, lights out at 10 pm, vedic art, yoga class, fruit supplier, lugma, Quechua, Debbie, Shiry from the jungle,
From photography & lomography
Ollantaytambo (2790 m), Lares trek, swollen fingers, toilet with a view, Pachacutec pass (4400 m), coca leaves, Quechuan woman, tents, pop corn, quinoa soup, Southern Star, sacred valley, baby alpacas, lamas, wild-eyed man, Scorpio constellation,

From photography & lomography
Cusco (3300 m), San Blas, Mike's bar, English breakfast, Aguas Calientes, night train, Machu Pichu (the old mountain - 2450 m), Sun Gate (Temple of the Sun), Huayna Picchu (the new mountain), Carmen doing the happy dance, trembling legs,
From Simple Pleasures

Rosie, Puno (3860 m), Lake Titicaca (3860 m), Taquile, handmade hats, Sylvia, Amantani, Uros floating islands, handmade ornaments, bead jewllery, new addition to the team,
From 5_Bolivia_Chile_Argentina
Leon, scary border crossing, Tiwanaku, mummified corpse, La Paz, tequila, altitude sickness, coca tea, chewing away more coca leaves, strike day, Uyuni, Bolivian saltflats, 4x4, optical illusions, ostrich, white flamingos, pissy night bus, Potosi (4200 m), sicksicksickness, feverish eyes, i missed the mines tour, nikki's bday, Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, Moon Valley, more trembling legs, pisco sours, sand boarding,
From photography & lomography
Atacama, Salta, beautiful landscapes, metal rock on the radio, flat tire, pair of puppies, finally in Buenos Aires, Argentinian wine, skipped the bloody beef, light eyed people, ethnic cleansing, morning espresso, red dress, party night, tango lessons, food poisoning, Leon's bbq, last breakfast with Poneh, longest flight ever, my bf smiling at the arrivals hall, good to be home :)
From 5_Bolivia_Chile_Argentina



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