Suddenly, we saw the lighthouse
separating land from sea
our eyes met
and in silent agreement
we instantly nodded “yes”
we had to get as close as we could
and so we did
the wind was whistling and howling
fierce and merciless
our eyes fixed on the ground
careful little steps on the rain-beaten stones
that formed our path
and then I recalled that story
about the woman who’d fallen into the sea
only days after her wedding
killed by the north wind
i firmly held his hand
he would always stay
one step behind me
it doesn’t matter how smart
you think you are
or how good
you think you look,
you’re only as good
as your feet
to the wind;
your fear
will only make him stronger
your anger
will only make him angrier
ever unforgiving
the sun was still up
and the sea was now only a few hundred metres away
leaving the lighthouse behind us
we headed back to the top of the hill
i was in tears
from the exhaustion
and that devilish cold
creeping up in every pore
of every inch
i found the strength to utter triumphantly:
“we fought the elements,
and we won!”
my companions chuckled:
“we’re not in the car yet…”
i had no more breath left to reply
so I just smiled
and kept dragging my boots on the dirt
grateful for what I had just experienced
right there
and then
with them...



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