The sky's fallen on my shoulders...

My mum took her last breath nine days ago and I don't think I know how to deal with the fact that she's gone.

I could fill pages upon pages describing what a great and strong person she was and how much my brother and I loved her, but I won't.
I'll only say that she was the definition of unconditional love.

Much as it hurt, I had to keep it together while she was in hospital, grit my teeth and smile, be a daughter, as well as a sister and a mother to her.
These days and nights in an intensive care unit waiting room would change anybody; they have drained me.

I read once that one only becomes mature, when one loses both parents, but without a second thought I'd swap my hard-earned "maturity" with a few moments of blissful ignorance and their hug.

I feel old and dried up inside from all the anger and the sadness, but I'm also grateful beyond words to all my friends - people I've known for years and others I've never actually met - who have responded to my family's urgent call for blood donations.

This post is a thank you note to them.

May you all and your loved ones be well and happy.


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