The raise


2 May 2007

Funny thing, money
figures on a pay slip
that can just about
make a tiny bit of difference
if only on the surface

My boss called me to his office
the other day
said he was giving me a raise
"you deserve it", were his exact words
(it's always wise to dance to their tune
until you are strong enough
to start running)

Trying my best to look impressed
and proud of myself for acting
all professional
and grown up
I just smiled
and said "thanks"
to reassure him that I had it coming

So instead of the usual round of drinks
I decided I was celebrating the weirdness of the day
a bit differently
just this once
by finding myself a new friend to talk to
a feathery one perhaps
I wouldn't have to do much more
than just articulate my thoughts
and almost in an instant
this beautiful, handcrafted raven
would cross the ocean
and come to my bedroom window
just as her master and creator had promised

I'd happily take her in -
this eerie guardian-messenger -
treat her wounded matchstick foot
feed and cuddle her
as you do with an old weather-beaten friend
(I went to bed feeling content that night)

And since a common coffee table would never be good enough
for the symbolisms
and the secrets that she bore
secrets and stories
from a far away land
where people talk a little differently
and think a little differently
but feel and laugh and cry
all the same
(my studio apartment is too small
to have a coffee table anyway)
I think my book case might make a good home
for her,
so I've picked her spot already
on the bottom shelf
between Aristotle's Ethics and Dorland's Medical Dictionary
an all-seeing, all-hearing creature of the night
watching over me



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