Solitude is Power


I hadn't thought about that in a long, long time, but this phrase is probably the most solid piece of advice Ι've ever been given; {but that's another story for another time...}

I have been quite enjoying Tame Impala these past few days, and this song's reminded me of said piece of advice...

The thing is, I have been feeling quite uninspired lately, hence my obsessive digging through my music collection, other people's blogs, Spotify and YouTube (still not sure about the Apple Music subscription though) for interesting new tunes to help set the tone.

Lindy Hopping in Athens


We were cordially invited

to their Sunday party

under the stars,

myself and my two left feet, that is...

People of all ages, shapes and sizes

were already dancing the night away

to the coolest music

that ever was

Swinging their hearts out

doing their skip ups

and their inside turns

Swirling gracefully

almost effortlessly

completely letting go



despite the blisters

and the aching muscles

Transforming the dance rituals

of courtship

the way it was done

back in the day

into a first-rate mood enhancer

for the autumn city blues




He knows how to soothe

my tired eyes

and my mood swings

even after all those years

he still holds my hand

and if there is one rule we have

we never go to sleep

mad at each other

Along the years

I’ve changed




lost loved ones

time and again

I’ve been distracted by

things and people

utterly trivial

and unimportant

succeeded some

and failed some more

often forgetting

the one

and simple


and beautiful


in {my} life

He’s my best friend

and my constant companion

my partner in crime

He’s my home




In line with keeping this blog my own little happy place of simple pleasures, I'll refrain from commenting on the sarcasm of the following image in a political context...

From Simple Pleasures

It'll be the 80th anniversary of Johnny Cash's birth soon, so I'm posting a small memento from a dark, soulful place in a troubled land far far away from his own, where a full wall's been dedicated to the man himself, in a bar right by the sea...

From Simple Pleasures


Ben Howard

His voice suddenly filled the room through the radio-waves.
If nostalgia were a sound, this would probably be it...


A stranger slept on our couch last night


He is a well-behaved, 1,5 year old, male pitbull boxer named Hermes and we are looking for a good, loving home for him. Can you help?
From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

(Photos taken by dm3)

Thank you


Hail to the Aquarian


From Simple Pleasures

~ I was at my parents’ the other day to clean the place and pay the bills, I’m not quite ready to go through the family photos just yet, but this one accidentally fell from a book and almost had me rolling with tears of laughter, 'cause I realized that a) it was taken some 30 years ago and b) I somehow look peeved in most of my childhood photos (I’m the one on the right btw., the hot blonde on the left is my half-German cousin).
~ I’m turning 33 today, which is a big number or a small one depending on which way one counts…
~ I am currently obsessed with TREME, the American drama series (watching Season 2 at the moment with no subs on, I'm not cheating!), recommended to me by my subtitler friend. Despite any anachronisms, cliches and oversimplifications about what happened in New Orleans in 2005, I’m loving the characters - Creighton Bernette and Jacques in particular - and the music, oh the music, cheers me up every time, even on the funeral scenes (that’s just wrong, I know!)
~ The new album by the Black Keys is out and it's just beautiful - hence three of their new songs on my playlist.
~ Happy Australia Day!!

Back to London town


From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

I woke up late today.
It’s raining, but I feel like going for a brisk walk in the park
to practise mindfulness.
I’m not particularly cold, I’m not particularly hungry
and I don’t feel restless or anxious this morning
my head’s empty of negative thoughts
for the first time in a while
The time I spent this past week
going places with my old flat mate,
browsing books in Foyles,
and drinking fine Belgian beer at an English pub
with my Basque friend, my boyfriend and my brother, whom I hadn’t seen in months,
helped me clarify what my belated,
twofold resolution for the new year is.
Acknowledging all the things I’m grateful for,
I think I’ll put up a harder fight for my happiness this year.
(We’ll see how that unfolds…)


Then they steal their dignity


Pablo Picasso’s 1939 "Woman’s Head" along with two other famous paintings were stolen from the National Art Gallery in Athens yesterday.
Picasso had donated the painting to the National Gallery himself in 1949 in homage to the Greek people for their resistance to Nazi occupiers during World War II.
Monetary cost aside, I couldn't help noticing how ironic and highly symbolic this loss is. The State disintegrates before our eyes, hamstrung and inefficient as per usual, incapable of responding even to the most basic need, let alone protecting any of our national treasures; now, what else is new...


Athens Biennale 2011 - Monodrome @ Diplareios School (Theatre Square)


From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

From Simple Pleasures

There must have been various important, hidden concepts and underlying, intended meanings behind every human sculpture and each room filled with odd exhibits as weird and random as the next one. I tend to keep an open mind with modern art, enjoying any element of surprise, however, this time all meaning was lost to me.
Instead, my friend and I ended up observing the derelict staircases and the cracked walls of the old building, which posed a greater interest to us; sad reminders of a place that once was full of life, students, books and crafts.
I expect art to please my senses, make me think or both. I don't care about much else; and once again, the question about the whats and wherefores of art hits me right between the eyes.


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